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The Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. Willie Lee Gay H-Town Chapter conducted genealogical research on a number of individuals who were victims of the convict lease and labor system and possibly buried at the Bullhead Convict Labor Camp Cemetery in Sugarland, Texas.


To further support the Sugar Land 95 Memorialization Project and preserve the history of the men and one woman who suffered and lost their lives as a result of the convict labor leasing system, the AAHGS chapter of Houston is supporting education and awareness by providing the identified names of 74 individuals listed in the Roster of the Deceased, with links to research that is preserved on FamilySearch.org.


It is our hope that this database of genealogical information will be a key resource in assisting potential descendants in being connected with their family member who is buried amongst the Sugar Land 95. 


Access the database here:



If you believe that you are connected to any of the individuals or families represented in the database, please fill out this form: